Produced by Gotham Studios / Peter Nissen


(Series of 16 half-hour episodes). Ureeka is an innovative online MBA-style course for entrepreneurs, aiming to change the way small businesses grow and scale. They hired Gotham Studios to create a series of high-quality episodes featuring a conversation between an instructor and an entrepreneur. All remote-produced.

Ureeka – documentary

(series of 16 3-minute documentaries) Each Ureeka episode features a documentary telling the story of an inspiring entrepreneur. In this one, paper-maker Janna Willoughby-Lohr tells the moving story of overcoming tremendous obstacles to create her dream job.

AARP – Millennial Caregivers

One of every four family caregivers is a millennial. AARP held a series of nationwide dinners to meet some of them and hear their stories. Gotham Studios created this video for AARP.

“Your Life Calling” with Jane Pauley (NBC Today Show)

Peter Nissen worked closely with Jane Pauley over four years, writing these inspiring documentaries and producing many of them. In this episode, a Maryland water-well driller discovers his passion saving lives by drilling wells in Africa. Nissen field-produced in Ghana. Production company: AARP.

Goji Geotainment - Animation

In this brief, funny video, you can see how much you save by installing GojiBox®, an in-flight entertainment server.

“I.P. Was”

How does an I.P. lawyer juggle it all in the age of Coronavirus? See real lawyers sing and act it out! This humorous music video is set to the music of Talking Heads' "And She Was." Produced by Gotham Studios and presented by The San Francisco Bay Area Intellectual Property American Inn of Court.

“Wild Thing” – Pandemic-Era World Tour

In the middle of a raging worldwide pandemic, the comedy-music a cappella group The Tone Rangers foolishly went on a world tour, playing to empty venues across the globe. Created using green screen.

HERO Child Rescue Corps

Starring actor David Keith (“An Officer and a Gentleman”), this important video highlights the tireless work of the wounded veterans in the HERO Corps, to investigate, arrest, and prosecute perpetrators of the crime of child exploitation. The video is used for awareness events, fundraising, Congressional visibility, and on PROTECT’s website. We shot b-roll and host segments in Tampa and Knoxville, and placed our host in a 3-D animated environment. (Gotham Studios, Client: National Association to Protect Children)

The Faith Effect

Told from the perspective of a girl, this moving video talks about the hopes, dreams, and futures that all Ethiopian girls deserve. Freedom from mutilation and child marriage, and the right to learn. CIFA hired Gotham Studios to illustrate their work in Africa, fighting for women’s and girls’ rights and safety. (Gotham Studios, Client: CIFA (Center for Interfaith Action))

Luxury Hotel

The ultra-ritzy Salamander resort in horse-country Virginia had just opened when Gotham Studios went out to profile its soothing vistas, pampering spas, and delicious dishes. This was part of a series of shoots done for the spa’s architectural consultants, MGAC. (Gotham Studios , Client: MGAC Consultants)

Comedy: Wrong Way in an Elevator

With a background in comedy (at Comedy Central and E! Entertainment), Peter Nissen convinced the client's CEO to act like an utter fool in this comedic scene, showing the right and wrong ways to pitch your company to people you meet. (Gotham Studios, Client: MGAC Consultants)

SAMMIES Gala Videos

Narrated by the late Cokie Roberts, this video played at the beginning of the evening at the prestigious “Service to America” awards gala in 2005. Gotham Studios produced nine tributes for the gala, which acknowledged great work in the government. We travelled across the country to videotape the honorees, creating 9 mini-documentaries. (Gotham Studios, Client: Partnership for Public Service)

A Legendary Surgeon

Narrated by James Earl Jones, this video, shown on the large screens of a gala for the American Heart Association, celebrates the career of a notable surgeon, George Reed. It was one of several videos Gotham made for the occasion. (Gotham Studios, Client: American Heart Association)

A Canal in Need

The US Army Corps of Engineers retained Gotham Studios to develop and produce an 8-minute video to illustrate their plans to replace the lock on the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal in New Orleans. The video was an integrated part of the Corps' mission to educate the public about this multi-million dollar project, and its impact upon the community. We employed 3-D animation to illustrate the replacement of the lock, and dredging of the channel (Gotham Studios, Client: US Army Corps of Engineers)

State Department Hero

A profile of Tobin Bradley, one of ten videos Gotham Studios produced for the prestigious “Service to America” awards gala in 2005. The mission of the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) is to acknowledge great work in the government. We travelled across the country to videotape the honorees, shooting interviews and b-roll, and edited with a custom graphics package and animation. (Gotham Studios, Client: Partnership for Public Service)

The Old Woman and the Baby

There is a generational divide in Ethiopia where it comes to the inhumane practice of female genital mutilation. This video, shot in a remote village, presents the thoughts of an old woman, and her old ways. Then, we meet a beautiful young mother, who is thankful she and her husband had been presented with the warning to save their newborn baby from this cruel fate. (Gotham Studios , Client: CIFA (Center for Interfaith Action))

Advancing Excellence

Starring Dominic Chianese (“Uncle Junior” on “The Sopranos”) – and a cast of dozens from the nursing home where we shot – this series of 9 videos helps train nursing home staff and administrators how to make their homes better places to work and live. We took full advantage of Mr. Chianese’s talents, as an actor, storyteller, and singer. Along with all of the valuable information conveyed, we put in lots of music, humor, and tender moments in these 60 minutes of training. (Gotham Studios, Client: LeadingAge)

The SID Story

SID's mission is to provide opportunities for meeting and collaboration among members of the international community concerned with aiding the developing world. Featured on the client’s home page, the video employs several interviews, and used a unique 3-D animated depiction of a town square with a rotating logo, to illustrate SID's motto 'The Global Town Square of Development.' (Gotham Studios, Client: Society for International Development)


We had some help here from the naturally stunning images provided to us by our client, an architectural consultant who worked on some very prestigious projects. We added tasteful music and inspiring camera shots, along with a smart narrative thruline. (Gotham Studios, Client: MGAC)

Goji Points-of-Interest

Narrated by broadcasting legend Jane Pauley, this is geo-triggered audio to hear in an airplane. GeoRadio is our storytelling product for airplanes. In this show, we hear about the celebrities of Long Island, the shape of Cape Cod, bloody battles in Canada, then over the ocean, tales of shipwrecks and sea monsters. Finish with technology in Ireland and the Beatles over Liverpool. (Gotham Studios)