Emmy-winning producers at your service

Gotham Studios provides consultation and video production services for every step of your digital communications strategy, including video, social media, and other methods to reach your audience.

First, we sit down with you and discuss your goals, concepts, and story. In Pre-production, there is storyboarding, script-writing, and talent casting. The Production phase involves video shoots.

Post-Production is editing, motion-graphics production, animation, music, and sound editing. Here is also where we record and add a professional voiceover if desired. Finally, delivery is in any format to suit your needs, whether it is to be seen on broadcast television, in-store, at an event, on your website, or on social media.

Peter is an inspired colleague, a TV veteran with a mastery of storytelling. - Jane Pauley

At the core of every compelling message is

a human story.

Video can be complicated, but your message should be simple and direct. Let us use the power of storytelling - and the magic of digital technology - in the service of your message.

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Video, TV and
film production

Production can take many forms, and include interviews, scripted comments and "host" segments, b-roll (footage of people and things), scenes and scenarios, re-creations, studio shoots, field shoots, and event coverage

Special gear

In addition to the state-of-the-art 4K and “Red” cameras, we use drone cameras for fantastic aerial shots, Steadicam, GoPro, Teleprompter, Chroma key (green screen) shoots, and full lighting and audio.

and special effects

More important now than ever, sophisticated graphics help a video pop off the screen and appeal to all audiences. We do 2D and 3D animation, creating titles floating in 3D space, title sequences, background designs, transitions, custom character and logo animations, and other special effects.

Goji Geotainment

We have brought our love for storytelling to the aviation industry with a new product we invented, called Goji Geotainment. Right there on the moving map, passengers can see geo-triggered points-of-interest, and hear a geo-triggered radio show. It's a guided tour of all the places you're flying over. See more at goji.aero.